Ayurveda, also known as “the knowledge of life” is an ancient healing method. It is mainly based on disease prevention through a healthy and balanced system. It is a holistic healing method that treats the person not only based on his active illnesses but also taking into account his personality, his overall health as well as his emotional world.

It extends to various areas of life such as diet, herbs, exercise etc. One of its basic tools is healing massage or else ayurvedic massage.

One of the characteristics of ayurvedic massage is the use of oil. The kind of oil used differs for each individual depending on its temperament and on specific illnesses contextually.

It includes pressures on specific spots (marmas) that are associated with the meridians and each one relates to different vital organs, areas of the body (neck, back, waist, legs) but also to emotional and mental states.

It is generally a deeply relaxing and healing massage. It detoxifies, balances the hormonal, reproductive and digestive system as well as the function of the vital organs, calms the mind and stimulates the whole body. It is a great ally in improving skin appearance, in slimming and in dealing with fluid retention symptoms. It is suitable for mild musculoskeletal disorders and for injury restoration.

It significantly contributes to the person’s well being and resting as well as to the restoration of physical and mental functions of the body.

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