Reiki is a Japanese therapeutic method “ki’’ in Japanese “chi” in Chinese, “prana” in Sanskrit all are words that describe the same thing. The vital energy, the breath of life. There is no exact translation for reiki but we attribute the meaning of the word as “cosmic vital energy”. Energy is everywhere around us. There are forms of energy that we can perceive with our senses (such as heat) and others that are more subtle like our dreams or thoughts.

Reiki has a balancing effect on a physical, emotional and mental level. The healer becomes the channel through which the universal energy flows to the treated person. Reiki doesn’t rely on placebo effect and yu don’t have to believe in it in order to work. Reiki is now recognized by western medicine as a complementary healing method. In major hospitals in America, Europe and Australia reiki is used to relieve patients.

At a session, the therapist places his hands close to or on various parts of the body where they remain for a few minutes. The person keeps on all of his clothes except for metallic objects, jewellery and shoes. Usually the “patient” is lying down during the session.

Each session lasts at least 45 minutes.


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