The word yoga describes on its own its deepest meaning. In Sanskrit  (योग) yoga means “union”, ‘’connection’’. It is the union between mind and spirit, man and universe, good and evil.

The first references to yoga date back several thousands of years ago and the first complete text that is saved was written around 300 BC (Yoga sutras, Patanjali).

There are different types of yoga (raja, hatha, bakti, jnana etc). Each one of them leads to the path of enlightenment (samadhi, nirvana) suggesting a different track. The word hatha consists of the words ha (sun) and tha (moon).

Hatha yoga is based on the union of the sun and the moon, male and female energy, strength and resilience. In short, it leads to the balancing of all the duplexes that exist in every individual.
In hatha yoga the body is the way –and in no way the goal- to observe oneself. Through the physical positions of the body (asanas) the person observes the weaknesses, thoughts, and feelings that arise. Self-observation is what actually feeds self-awareness. Breathing, the source of life, is the foundation stone of yoga practice. Deep and conscious breathing calms the mind and body, revitalizes every cell and keeps focus on the present moment.

By breathing consciously within the asana, one becomes present -an observer of everything taking place in this very moment.

Physical benefits are expected to follow a healthy mind. All systems in the human body (muscle, digestive, circulatory, hormonal, nervous) are activated and balanced, bringing multiple health benefits.

This is why yoga is a holistic system. It is addressed to everyone, healing and helping in many different ways. Every human is unique, with unlimited possibilities and yoga is a valuable ally in their exploration.

At anasa yoga studio we focus on the following:

Hatha yoga

Every form of yoga including asanas (positions) is traditionally called Hatha yoga. Hatha courses are suitable for all level practitioners.

Beginners, as well as advanced learners, can participate in the same practice as they are suggested variations for each pose and everyone builds his own practice according to his needs.

Transformational hatha yoga – Level 2

Traditional hatha yoga transforms through the use of specific breathing techniques (pranayama) and specific phrases/sounds (mantras) within each asana (position).

It is suitable for all practitioners except for beginners.

The complete sequence lasts 2.5 hours, forming a complete holistic and healing system.

Yin yoga

Deep healing practice.

It is suitable for all practitioners. We approach each position with softness and keep it for a few minutes.
Through the breathing process we expand our limits, our position and ourselves. It contributes significantly to the restoration of the connective tissues (tendons, fascia), improves flexibility and calms down the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.

Yoga nidra

Guided relaxation that lasts 30 to 45 minutes. Suitable for everyone. We let the body relax and maintaining our consciousness, we explore the paths of the mind.

Meditation-healing practice that refreshes body and mind.

Half an hour of yoga nidra has the same rejuvenating effects of 3 to 4 hours of sleep.

Ashtanga vinyasa primary series – Level 2

The first series of ashtanga is a healing practice. It is suitable for all levels of practitioners except for the beginners. In each practice we repeat the same sequence of asanas (positions) gradually observing the body and mind transform. A dynamic course which has flow (vinyasa) and absolute synchronization of motion and breathing.

Kids and moms yoga

A course full of play! Children have the opportunity to get to know their bodies through play and parents can share with them beautiful moments.

Prenatal yoga

A special practice for this special period in the life of a woman. We focus on breathing exercises that are so useful for labor but also for the entire period of the pregnancy. We emphasize in the exploration of the body so as the pregnancy progresses we can easily move as well as rest. Finally, we cultivate acceptance and a connection with the coming baby.