The unique challenge for a yoga studio which opens in Greece, a country between the East and the West is to impart the elements of Hindu philosophy in a way that it introduces western students to its secrets, conveying the way of thinking according to the ideals of western culture and simultaneously maintaining its inner spirit.

The pretentious efforts made by many studios in the country, often disincline those interested in learning yoga. Students experience a sense of unfamiliarity caused by the differences between the western way of life and the teaching of spiritual instructors of the East. It is very common that students feel that yoga does not concern our world but some other dimension “the other side”. In fact students which bear such feelings are not completely wrong. Yoga transforms our conservative reality into something magical as it aims at transforming our mundane perception to a deeper understanding of the world.

On the other hand, yoga has become quite fashionable to the western world and as a result numerous yoga classes deviate from the essence of this healing method.

At Anasa Yoga Studio it is of utmost importance that we obtain all the benefits of yoga in a way adapted to modern life without distorting its essence.

Yoga, ayuverda, nature, mountain, life. Everything is here for us to explore. We are a part of the universe, a gear of the bigger plan and creators of the reality we experience.

The most important is to feel better every new day for ourselves and the others, moving and creating space for new things to come so that we transform into a better version of ourselves.