The word yoga describes on its own its deepest meaning. In Sanskrit (योग) yoga means “union”, ‘’connection’’. It is the union between mind and spirit, man and universe, good and evil.


Ayurvedic massage

Ayurveda, also known as “the knowledge of life” is an ancient healing method. It is mainly based on disease prevention through a healthy and balanced system. It is a holistic healing method that treats the person not only based on his active illnesses but also taking into account his personality, his overall health as well as his emotional world.



Reiki is a Japanese therapeutic method “ki’’ in Japanese “chi” in Chinese, “prana” in Sanskrit all are words that describe the same thing. The vital energy, the breath of life. There is no exact translation for reiki but we attribute the meaning of the word as “cosmic vital energy”.


Thai Massage

Thai massage is a healing method strongly connected with yoga. In yoga slang, thai massage is also referred to as “the yoga for the lazy”.

Anasa means breath…

…and with every anasa we come closer to our true nature.

Yoga, ayurveda, thai massage and reiki

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