Schedule is valid from Monday Μarch 18th 2024


You are more than welcome to join our yoga classes! Please keep in mind the following:

The classes are led in greek. (We speak english fluently for verbal adjustments / directions / cues).


Feel free to contact us for more information and / or to book your spot.
Please arrive at the studio 10 minutes prior to the starting time.

Love and light.

Athina Ntalla, Galatia Panousi & Angela Aivatides


08:30 Yoga all levels Yoga all levels
10:00 Pilates Yoga 2 Aerials

all levels

Pilates Yoga 2
11:30 Yoga 1 Gentle practice Yoga 1 Gentle practice
17:00 Yoga 2 Yoga 1 Yoga 2 Yoga 1 Yoga 2
18:15 Gentle practice Pilates Aerials

all levels

Pilates Aerials

all levels

19:30 Yoga 1 Yoga 2 Yoga 1 Yoga 2 Gentle practice
21:00 Aerial acrobatics
level 2
Aerial acrobatics
level 2
21:15 Yin yoga Yin yoga